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Chocolate buttermilk cupcake

Chocolate buttermilk cupcakes are awesome in taste and easy to make.

Brown sugar cupcakes

One of the easiest and very tasty cupcakes prepared with brown sugar to make it slightly healthier than the ones with refined white sugar. 

Dense Fudgy Brownies

These fudgy chocolate brownies have become my all time favourite

Puff potatoes

Puff potatoes aren’t new, I am eating them since long. Knor chicken cubes

Kabuli Pulao

Kabuli Pulao is an Afghan rice dish that is very famous internationally


Khowsey is a Burmese dish getting very popular in Pakistan as well.

Cheese Balls

An easy cheese balls recipe that everyone will love.

Crispy Cheese Buttons

These Crispy Cheese Buttons are very tasty vegetarian option if you like something different

Chicken Masala Rice

Masala rice are the perfect blend of vegetables and rice that too spicy

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Sesame Chicken

This sesame chicken recipe makes awesome tasteful spicy Chinese gravy that would be a wonderful addition to any Chinese meal

Blueberry Cheese Delight

To satisfy your sweet tooth , blue berry cheese delight is the best option.

Chicken Nuggets

These chicken nuggets are home made and doesn’t use processed meat so they are healthy.

Chicken with Cashew Nuts

The yummilicious chicken with cashew nuts is a special treat in a Chinese meal. Once ingredients are prepared the dish is very easy to make.

Ginsoy Kindo Chicken

Ginsoy Kendo Chicken is a Chinese styled chicken cooked in Kendo Sauce.

Chicken hot shots

You can make restaurant quality hotshots at home now. This snack is a perfect treat for young kids.

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We love rice specially Pulao and Biryani and we can’t resist it on the following day. Even if the Biryani is 2 days old sitting in the fridge we still want to save it for ourselves. It might taste too good even when its not fresh but wouldn’t it be awesome if we can re-heat […]

  سپرنگ رول کو بھرنے کے لیے آپکو فلنگ پھلے سے بنانی ہو گی۔ میں نے رول پٹی بازار سے لیا ہے۔ Step 1: فلنگ کو رول پٹی کے ایک کونے میں رکھیں۔   Step 2:  رول پٹی کا کونا موڑ دیں۔ Step 3: مزید ایک دو بل دیں۔ Step 4: ایک طرف سے موڑ […]

Its a daily routine for parents to decide what to give their children for lunch at school. Kids usually like deep fried and unhealthy stuff and its not easy to make them eat the healthy stuff. Its better to make the healthy lunch tempting for them so they come home after finishing their lunch. We […]

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