Hot and Spicy Fish

This hot and spicy fries fish gravy is a must for seafood lovers

Fish Tikka on Skewer

Fish Tikka on Skewer is as healthy as it gets because its a fish and its not fried.

Batter Fried Fish with Spicy Sauce

If you love fish and spicy food you must try this batter fried fish with spicy sauce.

Tartar Sauce

This easy tartar sauce is mostly served with sea foods.

Fish in Hot Szechuan sauce

This is a restaurant grade fried fish in Hot Szechuan sauce.

London fish and chips with tartar sauce

I went through a lot of recipes for this dish

Special Fish

This simple special fried fish recipe uses a variation with Shan fish Masala.

Lahori Pan Fried Masala Fish

This Lahori pan fried fish is my favorite since my childhood not because my mother use to make it but because this is the best tasting homemade fish I have ever tasted.

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