Sabut Masoor ki Daal Pakistani style

Sabut Masoor ki Daal is one the most famous daal that is cooked along with white rice and served with salad.

Simplest Plain Vanilla Cake

This is without the doubt the most simplest cake you will ever make.

Marble Bundt Cake

If you can’t decide whether you want to make a chocolate cake or a vanilla cake then you can combine the two and make a Marble Cake.

Chicken Burger with Homemade Chicken Mince Patties

Chicken burgers are so easy to make at home even with homemade patties which are much healthier

White Sponge Cake

White Sponge Cake is mostly used as a base cake for many scrumptious and tasty cakes. This white sponge cake is the basic vanilla cake served with fresh cream.

Caramel Crunch

This simple recipe shows how to make caramel crunch. You can use this crunch in variety of sweet dishes

Easy Strawberry and cream dessert

This is one of the easiest and simplest Deseret that uses fresh strawberries and cream as main ingredients

Black Pepper (Kali Mirach) Chicken Handi

This black pepper chicken Handi is cooked without red chilli powder and instead green chillies and black peppers are used to make it spicy.

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate molten lava cake is usually served in restaurants with ice cream

Russian Salad

Russian salad is one of the most famous cream salad in Pakistan, served with burgers, sandwiches or on its own.

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