Juicy oven baked chicken Roast – Murgh Musalam

This spicy roasted whole chicken is slow cooked in oven and is very easy to make. You can do all the preparations in advance

Easy Microwave Burfee

Everyone outside Pakistan miss Burfee every now and then and its not easily available in the market..

Easy Homemade Chicken Pulao Recipe

Chicken pulao is the most famous rice dish cooked in any house hold. It also very famous in Britain and Ireland an people call it Pulao rice

Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa is the traditional dessert most famous in India and Pakistan.

Easy Pakistani Zarda Rice Recipe

Zarda is the traditional Pakistani sweet dish made in every home in different color but the most famous color is yellow color which is called “zard” in Urdu..

Homemade easy Dahi Baray

The best and easiest Baras recipe I have used over and over again. Many people has copied this from me. I have got this recipe from an Indian friend and she is a superb cook.

Pakistani Kari Pakora Easy Recipe

Kari Pakora is kind of a delicacy and is not something you cook daily because of the time it takes to cook. Some people like Kari with rice some with chapati but it taste equally good with both.

Sohan Halwa

Traditional desserts have always been an essential part of our cuisine. This dessert is finger licking and very easy to make. This dessert doesn’t take a lot of time like other traditional desserts.

Halwa poori with chana bhaji

Traditional Pakistani, tasty and mouth watering. I have hardly seen anyone saying no to halwa poori. This recipe will enable you to host your own Halwa Poori party at home.

Easy Shami Kabab Recipe

This is my mom’s home made recipe that I have eaten all my life. Its easy to prepare yet so delicious.

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