Chicken Spring Rolls

Chicken spring roll is a famous appetizer and served with tea and specially famous in Ramadan.

Fish Tikka on Skewer

Fish Tikka on Skewer is as healthy as it gets because its a fish and its not fried.

Banjane kabab dar

Banjane kabab dar is made with egg plants (Brinjal) and stuffed with Qeema.

Mac and Cheese Pot

Mac and Cheese are very famous in American culture but they are loved by children everywhere in the world.

Singaporean Rice

Singaporean rice are so mouth watering that you can’t resist them whenever you see them.

Balochi Tikka in Highway Style

Balochi Tikka in highway style is a type of Tikka cooked in a pot but taste no less than the BBQ Tikka.

White Chicken Biryani

White chicken Biryani is unique in a sense that its different than the usual Biryani cooked at home

Lal Masala Prawn

Lal Masala Prawn of Prawn red curry is a seafood dish that can be served with rice.

Sindhi Biryani

This Singhi Biryani recipe is made with chicken however you can use any type of meat with it.

Stuffed Mince Bread

Stuffed chicken bread is widely available in bakeries around the country.

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