Meethay Pooray

Meethay pooray are the specialty of monsoon, as soon it starts to rain you would love to enjoy these pooray.

Chicken Spring Rolls

Chicken spring roll is a famous appetizer and served with tea and specially famous in Ramadan.

Cake Rusk

Cake rusk’s are traditional Pakistani cookies that tastes like cake and served with tea

Fish Tikka on Skewer

Fish Tikka on Skewer is as healthy as it gets because its a fish and its not fried.

Sabut Masoor ki Daal Pakistani style

Sabut Masoor ki Daal is one the most famous daal that is cooked along with white rice and served with salad.

Black Pepper (Kali Mirach) Chicken Handi

This black pepper chicken Handi is cooked without red chilli powder and instead green chillies and black peppers are used to make it spicy.

Homemade Strawberry Jam

It’s finger licking good, yumilicious and without any artificial flavor and preservative with goodness of home

Chicken Yukhni Pulao

Chicken yukhni pulao is one of the most cooked rice item in Pakistani homes and is equally famous among adults and children.

Batter Fried Fish with Spicy Sauce

If you love fish and spicy food you must try this batter fried fish with spicy sauce.

Potato Spirals

Amazingly attractive, crispy and tasty potato spirals

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