Dhaba Channa Tarka Daal

Dhaba Channa tarka daal is special in its own way because of the way its cooked.

Khari Acahari Sabzi

This Khari Achaari Sabzi is a vegetarian option for veggie lovers.

Lahori White Chicken Karahi

This Lahori white chicken karahi is something different when you want to serve several chicken dishes.

Chapli Kabab

Chapli Kababs also known as chapal kabab are the Peshawari traditional dish

Healthy Oats Haleem

When you are struggling with your weight or want to switch to healthy routine this healthy oats haleem will be a perfect menu item.

Nutella Halwa

Nutella Halwa is a perfect blend of east and west, its a halwa but with chocolaty flavor.

Plum Chutney – Aaloo Bukharay ki chutnee

Aaloo Bukharay ki chutney is one of the most famous condiment used in Pakistani households.

Healthy Baked Chicken Tikka

This healhty baked chicken can be a part of low calories meal

Healthy Daal Roti

This Healthy Daal Roti is made with daal and full of proteins.

Healthy Date Balls with Almonds

Healthy Date Balls with Almonds is a healthy diet alternative for sweet lovers.

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