Kheer is a name in a desert world everyone knows as a traditional Pakistani sweet dish.

Bohri khakra

This is the best use of left over roti as you can turn it into Bohri Khakra.

Tasty bhajiyas

You can prepare these tasty vegetarian lentil bhajiyas for Iftar.

South Indian Coconut Prawn Curry Noodles

If you have a coconut milk can lying around anywhere in your house then give it a try.

Easiest Plain Naan Khatai

This is the most easiest Khatai recipe that you can come across. This is the plain Naan Khatai recipe

Easy Homemade Shahi Kulfa

Shahi Kulfa is the most famous flavor of Pakistani ice cream. Its creamy and nutty.

Easy Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a Middle Eastern dish usually called eggs in spicy sauce in western culture. Shakshuka is easy to prepare

Potato Salad

Potato Salad is very common in British culture and it is prepared with lots of variations and available at almost every grocery stores.

Thai Chicken and Vegetables Noodles

Thai Chicken and Vegetables Noodles is a spicy noodle dish that is somewhat healthy to eat as it contains almost no oil.

Simple Chocolate Loaf

This is one the simplest Chocolate loaf recipe that is baked in a loaf pan and cut like bread slices afterwads

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