Mince Lasagna

This mince lasagna recipe was made with minced chicken however you can use any sort of mince in it weather beef or lamb.

Boneless Beef Tikka

This is one of the easiest tikka recipe made with beef.

Beef Nihari

Nihar is one of the most traditional Pakistani dish very famous specially in breakfast.

Galawati Boti

This is a soft meat recipe called galawati boti. Who doesn’t like soft tender juicy meat?

Punjabi Beef Karahi

This Punjabi Beef Karahi is a treat for beef lovers. Beef is not usually loved by everyone in Pakistan.

Sindhi Biryani

This Singhi Biryani recipe is made with chicken however you can use any type of meat with it.

Mom’s Famous Qeemay wala paratha

There are some dishes your mom make that stick to your memory like magnet, like this Qeemay wala paratha my mom make for me whenever I wish.

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