Banana Bread

This is a tried and tested recipe of banana bread. I make it whenever I have some ripen bananas

Easy Banana Bread

If you do not have any idea what to do with your ripped bananas this banana bread recipe is the perfect one.

Caramel Crunch Cake

Just when you think you are bored with chocolate or strawberry cakes this caramel crunch cake will make a difference.

Pineapple Sauce

This is a sweet and sour pineapple sauce served with anything you like

Gulab Jaman

Gulab Jaman are one of most eaten sweetdish usually available in market.

Nutella Oreo delight

Another western style dessert to compliment your menu. Western desserts are getting famous day by day and people love having them even more than desi meetha sometime.    

Nutella Halwa

Nutella Halwa is a perfect blend of east and west, its a halwa but with chocolaty flavor.

Cupcakes (with oil recipe)

Cupcakes are very famous among kids specially when they are chocolate or have chocolate frosting.

Banana Bread

This is a very easy to make Banana Bread and is very famous specially with hot cup of tea.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Blueberry Cheesecake is one of the famous berry cake made in western culture where cheese is very common.

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