This Nutella Oreo delight is a perfect chocolate heaven feast for your guests after main course. You will want it more and more. A must Try! This version comes with the right amount of sugar and chocolate to satisfy your taste buds. Detailed method with pictures is mentioned below.

First Layer:

Take a medium dish, crush the pack of Oreos with cream in a chopper or with hands. Melt 75g butter (roughly 6 tablespoon) and mix it well with Oreos and press it on the dish. Save some handful of chunks for the later use

Second Layer:

Whip 250ml cream till hard peaks. Add 100g cream cheese in it and mix well. Now add 3 tablespoon condensed milk and Oreo Chunks and mix properly. You can also add some chopped hazelnuts at this step, they tastes delicious. Also, if you like it sweeter add more condensed milk. Since the Oreo cookies and cream is sweet too, we only want the cream mixture to be mildly sweet to compliment Oreos.

Pour this mixture over the base and refrigerate for a while till its cold.

Third Layer:

Cook 3-4 tablespoon Nutella with 150ml remaining cream over the double boiler or put in the microwave (place it there for almost one minute keep checking it after every 15 seconds and stir it). Do not pour it if its boiling but do not let it cool too much as it might get thick, it should be hot but not too hot.

Now pour over the second layer and refrigerate.

Lastly decorate it with crushed Oreos or with whipped cream and refrigerate over night to get excellent results.–

Serve chilled.