Potato Salad is very common in British culture and it is prepared with lots of variations and available at almost every grocery stores. I have tried many salads from shops but none of them was good enough for our tastes. I wanted to try something that we eat in Pakistan like PizzaHut serves so I have created this version of potato salad which is not a calorie bomb because it mostly use Greek yogurt instead of all mayonnaise and yet it tastes so good.

As it name suggest you will need potatoes in it, however I would ask you to boil like this. Peel and cut in small pieces and then boil because they evenly boil like this. Also hard boil eggs separately

Cut onions of your choice, I’ve used red onions because they are mild, you can use spring onions or yellow onions. Slice them and dip them in cold water for at-least 10 minutes before adding in salad because it will cut down its bitterness. Drain water carefully and soak them in a paper towel so the water doesn’t mix with salad. Also, I have used olives, cilantro (Dhaniya) and  jalapeno peppers (You can use pickled relish/dil / gherkin as well)

Mix all ingredients with some mustard, sugar, black pepper salt and greek yogurt to make a perfect mix of salad. This salad can be served as it is, with fried chicken or sandwiches and also with steak. It has many uses and you won’t be disappointed how it complements all sort of foods, desi or widesi.