Zinger Burger

This is another variation of zinger burger recipe that is a very famous burger served by KFC

Salty Stuffed Pancakes

Feeling bored with the daily breakfast menu??? YESSS!!! Then try out these “Salty Stuffed Pancakes”.

Zinger Burger with Mayo Dip

This is one of the most famous recipes by me. People eat and can’t figure out either is from my kitchen or have come straight from the restaurant.

Fried chicken fillet sandwiches

Fried chicken fillet sandwiches are to die for and they are the most popular snack for kids and youngsters. Simple to make and yummy to eat. A very good option for kid’s lunch box too.

Anda Shami Burger

Anda Shami or Egg Shami Kabab burgers are very traditional in Pakistan and available almost everywhere.

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