Pakora’s are traditional Pakistani appetizer or tea time snack. No one can resist crispy and spicy pakoras anytime of the day. You can have pakoras with tea or even coke. Pakoras are served as an appetizer in Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and even Arab restaurants. You can eat with tomato ketchup, mint sauce or imlii ki chuntee and they taste equally good.

Pakoras can be made with all sorts of vegetables however the most famous Pakoras are wither onion pakoras or onion+potato pakora. People usually make spinach and brinjal (egg plant) pakora separately. One of my favorite pakora type is boiled egg pakora, slice the boil eggs, dip it in Baisan and fry. They are a must have.

While everybody knows how to make pakoras but still some make it better than others which means there is more to it. My pakoras are always loved and my friends would ask me to bring them to their home all the times. I even hosted pakora parties at my home with my dear friends and family. Everyone said these are the best pakoras they ever had, why? with few simple tips and tricks I am going to share with you guys.