Healthy Kids Lunch Box Ideas

Its a daily routine for parents to decide what to give their children for lunch at school. Kids usually like deep fried and unhealthy stuff and its not easy to make them eat the healthy stuff. Its better to make the healthy lunch tempting for them so they come home after finishing their lunch. We have took suggestions on our Facebook group and mothers came up with very nice lunch box ideas. I am sharing them here so it can help all of us.

While fresh fruits and vegetables are a nice idea but when it comes to vegetables children just don’t like it, you can try to make it in form of salad with some flavor in it. This lunch box offers vegetable salad with some fresh fruits. Boiled potatoes with a roti topped with jam. You can replace roti with bread if you like.

This lunch box have fresh fruits, juice and tuna sandwiches.

Chicken and vegetable sandwiches with banana and strawberries on a stick.

Banana with baked chips wrapped in foil to hold moisture

Fresh fruits and vegetable salad and chicken and mushroom rolls. 

Chicken tikka on a stick, some fresh oranges and boiled egg.

Fresh fruits, berries, feta cheese balls, carrots and whole wheat bread with jam or any spread you like.

Chicken sandwiches, banana, cookies and chips

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