Aloo kay Parathay is the most famous, filling, and demanding parathay everywhere. I have observed that people are making less and less of it, especially the young generation. They would buy frozen parathas and heat the in the oven instead of filling and making them at home.

Preparing the filling is a very easy take but making the filled paratha itself is a bit tricky especially when you want it stuffy however with practice you can make the best paratha. When starting out, you don’t have to be perfect and make a perfect but if the filling is tasty your paratha will always turn out to be yummy so keep trying.


  1. Onions make the filling of the paratha moist.
  2. Corriander tastes really nice so add a lot of it.
  3. Cook one side of the paratha first before flipping. Once you flip and then you can add ghee.
  4. Do not add ghee at the start, add it later to make a crispy paratha and it will burn less.