How to make Desi Ghee at home (Clarified Butter)

If we rewind the time by tens of years there was a time when there was no concept of cooking oils. All our elders used to eat was either butter of pure Desi Ghee. Those times were simple and Desi Ghee is as simple as the old times. Cooking oils are the source of processed fat and thus aren’t as safe as the pure butter or Ghee.

Our mothers used to make Ghee at home all the time but our generations and the generations to come usually look for shortcuts to save time and prefer buying Desi Ghee from the market. Though it looks easy to buy Desi Ghee from market however it isn’t as pure and hearty as the homemade desi ghee. There is a saying that “No pain, no gain” and in this situation little bit of pain making homemade ghee will bring you loads of gains.

I am going to write details about making Desi Ghee at home, it was my first time and my mother help was with me all the way. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have a jar of Desi Ghee at the end and to know that my kids will be eating the purest of food available out there. Be Pure, Be Fresh and Be Healthy!

Step 1:

Since the weather of Pakistan doesn’t allow us to refrigerate Balai (Cream) for a long time I freeze it. As soon I remove Balai from milk I put it in a container in the freezer. Take out all the frozen cream and keep it outside till it is all soft. Soften it further with a hand blender or “Madani sy rirak lein” (Manual Hand blender) . Add some yogurt in it. My Balai was quite a-lot so I have added 2 tablespoon yogurt in it. Mix it well. Keep it at a warm place over night or for 8 to 9 hours till it smells and looks like yogurt.

Step 2:

Fill half of the blender with Balai and yogurt mic and the rest with water. Do not overfill it, leave 1/4 of the blender empty or you will end up like my blender who messed it all up :).

Step 3:

Blend it for a while till the butter gets separated from the water. Like shown in the pic.

Step 4:

Drain water with the help of a sieve. press it gently to drain the excess water.

Step 5:

Put it in a deep wok and start cooking it on a very low flame (Like dam).

Step 6:

Butter will start to pop on the top and you will start to see some lumps at the bottom of the pot. It will change into light brown color. Butter will start to get clear. If you see some foam on top, you can take it out during the process. Cook it for around 2 to 3 hours. When it gets all clear n smells nice, strain it with a help of a sieve and pot. Lumps will remain in the sieve n the clarified butter (Ghee) will go down in the pot.

Step 6:

Remove the Ghee from the pot and put it in a container and airtight it only when its cool down.

Ta Da! Your Homemade Yummy, Pure and Fresh Ghee is ready to consume for your whole family!

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