Menu Ideas – Ramadan Iftaar

Ramadan is around the corner and we will be celebrating to its full regardless of how long the fast will be and how hot it will be. Our doors will be opened for our family and friends and there will be Iftaar parties everywhere. Lets share out menu ideas for Iftaar since its not easy to decide on how to balance the Iftaar menu. Should it be only snacks? Snacks and dinner or only dinner. What to serve and what not. Your ideas will help other decide. Let me share mine, a small one for few friends.


  • Khajoor
  • Rooh Afza

Mains After Namaz:

  • Chicken Casserole
  • Pizza
  • Club sandwiches
  • Chicken roast
  • Garlic bread
  • Chicken Rolls

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