It’s finger licking good, yumilicious and without any artificial flavor and preservative with goodness of home.

Please find step by step pictures and steps of jam making for your convenience.

Wash strawberries properly. Then remove green part and cut in pieces. Put in a plastic container. Add sugar in it and mix well. Leave in the fridge over night.

The strawberries will release juices. Put the strawberries in the wok next morning and start cooking.

Remove the foam that comes on top.

When strawberries are soft enough, add lemon juice.

Then with a potato masher, mash them. When the mixture becomes a little thick (it would be a little runny) switch off the flame. Don’t over cook otherwise jam would be hard after cooling down.

Test it with a fork.

When you put the fork in the mixture and take out the jam would stuck in the middle empty space and then fall down.

TA DA! Your Perfect Jam is ready