Potato Cheese Balls

These Potato Cheese balls is an easy to prepare vegetarian dish that can be served as appetizer or in Ramzan.

Stuffed Bread Pockets

Stuffed bread pockets is an awesome new innovation for sandwiches

Dahi Baray

I have tried quite a few Bara recipes with different lentils and Besan combination and this one works really great.

Noodle cutlets

When you want something new and delicious try these noodles cutlets and you will be amazed.

Beef Handi Tikka

Bored with chicken tikka? try this beef tikka that will taste better than the one you get from market

Plain Tea Cake

Plain Tea Cake is the most famous tea time item served with tea or coffee

Aaloo kalonji

Potato is one of the most famous vegetable in Pakistan and can be cooked in many ways.


Kheer is a name in a desert world everyone knows as a traditional Pakistani sweet dish.

Bohri khakra

This is the best use of left over roti as you can turn it into Bohri Khakra.

Tasty bhajiyas

You can prepare these tasty vegetarian lentil bhajiyas for Iftar.

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