Shakshuka is a Middle Eastern dish usually called eggs in spicy sauce in western culture. Shakshuka is easy to prepare yet so delicious and colorful to serve and present for breakfast even for lunch and dinner. There are so many ways you can cook this. I have cooked it in my way to suit Pakistani style. Normally this dish is cooked with garlic but I don’t like garlic in my eggs specially for breakfast so I have omitted it. This is a perfect Pakistani style shakshuka that you can enjoy at any time with minimum efforts.

Thanks to Mawish Ahmed from TastyDen food group for sharing the recipe and inspiring me to prepare it for breakfast.

First you need to make the sauce with vegetables “Masala”. Saute 1 onion in 1 tablespoon oil, Saute it for around 5 minutes or till the onions starts to change its color. Add 1/2 teaspoon crushed red peppers and 1/2 teaspoon salt in it along with 1 fresh chopped tomato and cook till it becomes tender, add vegetables of your choice, I have used mushrooms, spring onions, green pepper (shimla mirch), cilantro (Dhaniya) and green chillies (Hari mirchain).

Saute your vegetables for a minute, not more than that because they will be cooked in the sauce as well and you don’t want them too soft or soggy. Add 2/3 can of chunky chopped tomatoes or any tomato sauce of your choice in it and cook for few minutes till you see the extra water is evaporated. If you are using other sauce, there might not be too much water so cook accordingly. If you want your shakshuka to be dry then thicken the sauce before breaking eggs in it. I like it bit watery so I didn’t completely dried up my sauce.

Once the sauce is according to your desired consistency, make 4 holes in your sauce in a way that you see pan base. You don’t have to be very precise because the eggs will make their way. Carefully break 4 eggs in it, you can add more if your pan have more room but for me 4 eggs were cooked perfectly.

Put the burner to the lowest and cover it with lid. Let it cook on lowest flame till the eggs are done. I like my egg yolks done too so I have cooked it for 15 minutes and the whole egg was thoroughly cooked. If you want your yolks to be semi solid you can try 10 minutes and see how they looks.

Your Shakshuka is ready, sprinkle some fresh cilantro, freshly grinded black pepper and salt.