Bohri Malpoa – Desi Pancake

Bohri Malpoa is like Desi styled pancakes that you can serve with honey or cream

Moong Daal with Shimla Mirch

When you want to cook something simple and you don’t know what, then give this Moong Ki Daal with Shimla Mirch

Easy Homemade Teenday

This is a simple homemade Teenda recipe sometimes called Teenday ki bhaji or Teenday ka Salan.

Aubergine Salad – Baingan Bhaji

I have first tasted this aubergine salad in a Mediterranean restaurant and fell in love with that.

Homemade easy Dahi Baray

The best and easiest Baras recipe I have used over and over again. Many people has copied this from me. I have got this recipe from an Indian friend and she is a superb cook.

Pakistani Kari Pakora Easy Recipe

Kari Pakora is kind of a delicacy and is not something you cook daily because of the time it takes to cook. Some people like Kari with rice some with chapati but it taste equally good with both.

fresh veggie salad

Easy Different Fresh Vegetable Salad

I can have this fresh vegetable salad almost everyday with almost everything. This is bit different than the traditional kachoomar salad and that’s the beauty and taste of it.

Halwa poori with chana bhaji

Traditional Pakistani, tasty and mouth watering. I have hardly seen anyone saying no to halwa poori. This recipe will enable you to host your own Halwa Poori party at home.

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