Hummus is one of the most famous Middle Eastern appetizer and very healthy and tasty as well.

Irani Chelo/Chullu Kabab with Grilled Vegetables

If you like Arabic Kebabs you will love these Irani Chelow Kabab.

Kabuli / Afghani Pulao

Afghani Pulao as its name suggest an Afghan dish but very famous in Pakistan and all over the world.

Chicken shawarma style Wraps

When Covid-19 is out and we are stuck at home and want to eat Shawarma, this recipe makes delicious shawarma


Shakshuka is an Arabian dish with spicy tomato sauce. Shakshuka is made in skillet and served straight from the hob. 

Kabuli Pulao

Kabuli Pulao is an Afghan rice dish that is very famous internationally

Easy Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a Middle Eastern dish usually called eggs in spicy sauce in western culture. Shakshuka is easy to prepare

Red Tomato Chutney

If you ever go to an Afghani restaurant you will be served a red tomato chutney.

Quick Kunafeh Arabian Dessert

This is a quick Mediterranean dessert cooked with Pheniyan (Vermicelli)

Afghani kabuli lamb pulao

This Afghani pulao is the best recipe I have tasted so far. I have made this version on my own

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