Stuffed Bread Pockets

Stuffed bread pockets is an awesome new innovation for sandwiches

Stuffed chicken bread

Stuffed chicken bread is all time favorite and served with tea.

Stuffed Chicken Buns

This is a a perfect home made tried recipe for stuffed chicken buns.

Baked stuffed chicken breast

Stuffed chicken breast is an awesome main dish that can be served with spinach, coleslaw and your favorite sauce.

Stuffed Mince Bread

Stuffed chicken bread is widely available in bakeries around the country.

Easy Bake Stuffed Chicken bread

Since the day I’ve moved out of Pakistan chicken bread is one of things I miss the most.

Salty Stuffed Pancakes

Feeling bored with the daily breakfast menu??? YESSS!!! Then try out these “Salty Stuffed Pancakes”.

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