Lal Masala Prawn

Lal Masala Prawn of Prawn red curry is a seafood dish that can be served with rice.

Sindhi Biryani

This Singhi Biryani recipe is made with chicken however you can use any type of meat with it.

Stuffed Mince Bread

Stuffed chicken bread is widely available in bakeries around the country.

Chicken Chow Mein

Chicken Chow Mein is though a Chinese dish but it is so commonly prepared in our Pakistani households

Special Fish

This simple special fried fish recipe uses a variation with Shan fish Masala.

Zinger Burger

This is another variation of zinger burger recipe that is a very famous burger served by KFC

Hunter Beef Sizzling Steak

Hunter beef is a very famous dish but it is not commonly made in households. It is kind of special

Keema ke Pooray

Keema ke Pooray are one of the specialty of Ramadan. You can make these whenever you like but in Ramadan its a must.

Shashlik Sticks

Chicken Shashlik sticks is a very well presented appetizer or a side with main.

Chocolate Oreo Mousse Delight

This Chocolate Oreo mousse delight is a perfect dessert for hot summers because its cold and creamy

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