Chicken Chilli Oil Free

This Chicken Chilli recipe is Oil Free so its healthy and as it uses chicken breast fillet it is low in fat

Shashlik Sticks

Chicken Shashlik sticks is a very well presented appetizer or a side with main.

Channa Chaat

Channa Chaat is a must for Iftaar in the month of Ramadan at almost every home.

Chicken Broast

Chicken Broast is one of the most famous chicken dish Pakistani people love to eat but most of the times

Chicken Pakora

Chicken Pakora is a very famous appetizer, kids love it and and its served as one of the main dishes in Ramadan

Bohri Malpoa – Desi Pancake

Bohri Malpoa is like Desi styled pancakes that you can serve with honey or cream

Stuffed Chicken Patties – Pakistani bakery puff pastry

Stuffed chicken patties are one of the most famous bakery item in Pakistan but in other countrie

Easiest tastiest restaurant grade falafel

If you are ever in any Mediterranean restaurant you must have heard about Falafel. Its one of most famous appetizer

Cheese on toast

What are you cooking today? Why not adding these cheese toast in the menu. They can be served as appetizers

Chicken hot shots

You can make restaurant quality hotshots at home now. This snack is a perfect treat for young kids.

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