Chicken Bread Wreath

This is a desi style chicken bread wreath recipe that can easily be prepared in home oven.

Baked Pasta in white sauce

Sometimes we want something different that traditions. This baked pasta is baked in white sauce and have a nutrition of a complete meal.

Loaded Oven Baked Chicken Sub Sandwiches

Oven baked chicken sandwiches are so easy to prepare and everyone loves it so I make them in routine now.

Easy Naan Recipe – Oven Baked Bread

I bake naan at home with this awesome Naan recipe. Try it at home

Easy Banana Bread

This is an awesome easy to make yet tasty version of banana bread . Tried, tested and loved. Recipe Credits: Khadija Adnan

Banjane kabab dar

Banjane kabab dar is made with egg plants (Brinjal) and stuffed with Qeema.

Easy Bake Stuffed Chicken bread

Since the day I’ve moved out of Pakistan chicken bread is one of things I miss the most.

Juicy oven baked chicken Roast – Murgh Musalam

This spicy roasted whole chicken is slow cooked in oven and is very easy to make. You can do all the preparations in advance

Chicken pizza from scratch

My whole family is a pizza lover and I have tested, tried and altered many pizza dough recipes and finally settled down to this recipe

Chicken & Vegetables Quiche

If you got your hand in making a Quiche you won’t stop. Its just like making pizza with different styles and flavors.

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