Mandi Biryani

Another type of Biryani, madni biryani that will stimulate your taste buds.


Khowsey is a Burmese dish getting very popular in Pakistan as well.

Chicken Masala Rice

Masala rice are the perfect blend of vegetables and rice that too spicy

Chicken Yukhni Pulao

Chicken yukhni pulao is one of the most cooked rice item in Pakistani homes and is equally famous among adults and children.

Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried rice are the favourite to serve with Chinese gravy.

Garlic Rice

When you have tasteful Chinese gravies, garlic rice tastes much better with it than the vegetable rice.


Zarda is a famous Pakistani sweet dish that is sweet rice made with assorted nuts.

Fish in Hot Szechuan sauce

This is a restaurant grade fried fish in Hot Szechuan sauce.

Singaporean Rice

Singaporean rice are so mouth watering that you can’t resist them whenever you see them.

Bohra Hash-Ma Rice

This is a Bohra dish, Hash Ma that is cooked rice and lentil in a usual way with a twist at the end.

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