Hot and Spicy Fish

This hot and spicy fries fish gravy is a must for seafood lovers

Hot Chilli Bean Chicken

Hot Chilli Bean Chicken is a hot and spicy Chinese dish as its name suggest.

Buffalo Wings with Hot Sauce

Buffalo Wings are the part of famous American eatery.

Hot chilli chicken with chilli noodles

Just when you want the hot and spicy Chinese, these hot chilli noodles would satisfy your craving. It can be served as a whole meal or can complement Chinese menu.

Grilled chicken breast with vegetables

When it comes to consuming healthy food, grilled comes to mind and grilled chicken breast is one the most healthiest meat out there

Yum Special Chicken Soup

This special chicken soup is cooked in Thai styled cubed chicken pieces

19 – B soup

This soup is a winter treat but you can have this anytime in any season

Fish in Hot Szechuan sauce

This is a restaurant grade fried fish in Hot Szechuan sauce.

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